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The main purpose of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is to bridge the lack of training and knowledge on the Regulation 2018/1805/EU and freezing and confiscation measures at EU level.
The MOOC includes four module and each module has the following structure:

  • an introductory video where the main arguments are briefly presented;
  • chapters materials related to the legal framework on the mutual recognition
    of freezing orders and confiscation orders at the EU level;
  • an in-depth video on crucial topics of specific interest;
  • a self-assessment exercise.

The final exam, composed of multiple-choice questions, will deal with the main arguments addressed during the Course.
The successful completion of the Course is certified by the system.


The Course is designed for professionals (Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Attorneys, LEAs officers) that have already gained a basic knowledge of the aforementioned topics and students interested in the subject matter that will enrich their studies with new and specific skills, allowing for further breakthroughs in research.


The main learning objectives of the Course are:

  • to provide an initial and specific training on the Regulation 2018/1805/EU
  • to equip the largest possible number of future and practicing professionals
    with basic knowledge on freezing and confiscation orders
  • to provide advanced training to a huge number of practitioners and students
  • to support the continued specialisation and technical training of professionals
  • to contribute to enhanced knowledge through networking among practitioners
  • to facilitate access to different training initiatives and networks


Laura Scomparin, Silvia Allegrezza, Miha Ĺ epec, Emanuela Andreis, Marco Bartolucci, Lorenzo Bernardini, Andrea Cabiale, Oscar Calavita, Ernestina Sacchetto, Jan Stanjko